Eight is Great!
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Eight is Great!

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Welcome to Seismic Yarn & Dyeworks, an independent dye studio located just outside of San Francisco, CA.

Eight is Great! is intensely speckled with happy pinks and oranges with a lighter smattering of purples, greens, yellows, and blues on a natural background. This colorway is extra cool under a black light!

Once again, we have a colorway created for the original Pretty Pretty Princess, my daughter.  She has always loved bright colors and declared she wanted a "rainbow dot sweater" for her 4th birthday. I made Happy 4th Birthday for her, then in honor of her 7th birthday, we made I’m Seven Now! with the same neons speckles but applied differently. What else would we do to honor her 8th birthday but go back to the dye pots and tweak the colors again? This year’s colorway has a greater focus on the pinks and oranges and a different distribution of the rest of the rainbow speckles.

This listing is for a ready to ship item. If you would like this colorway on a different base or a custom sweater quantity, please see my Dye to Order listings or message me to select your favorite base and colorway combo and I'll happily dye it for you.

For a complete list of our bases, please click here.

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