The Unmasked Collection

The Unmasked Collection - Originally the Cosplay Collection, the powers-that-be decided that a little indie dyer can't name colorways after the comic book characters that inspired them.  Fine.  I'll just reveal their alter egos (but mostly just first names to maintain some semblance of privacy).

Here is a list of the original and new colorway names:

  • Black Widow is now Natasha
  • Deathstroke is now Slade
  • The Wasp is Janet
  • Hela (Goddess of Death) is now Hel (a Norse goddess)
  • I’m Batman is now Bruce
  • Raven is now Rachel
  • Harley Quinn is now Dr. Q
  • Biohazard Man is still Biohazard Man – there’s no superhero.  I made him up.  Take that!
  • Bumblebee is now B-127
  • Radioactive Man is now Chen
  • Aquaman is now Orin
  • Huntress is now Helena
  • Poison Ivy is now Pamela
  • Bella Donna is now Ms. Boudreaux