The San Francisco Twins
The San Francisco Twins
Seismic Yarn & Dyeworks

The San Francisco Twins

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Welcome to Seismic Yarn & Dyeworks, an independent dye studio located just outside of San Francisco, CA

The San Francisco Twins. No, not the two giant hills in San Francisco with the 360 degree views and parking lots full of people making out (and more) at night. The San Francisco Twins colorway is inspired by two sisters, Marian and Vivian Brown. Originally from Michigan, these twin actress sisters moved to San Francisco in the 1970's and quickly became a staple in the city's social scene. They were well known for their look: eye-catching matching outfits, often including leopard print, and a slash of bright red lipstick. Their hair was always perfectly coiffed, typically adorned with hats, and they moved in unison until their deaths in 2013 and 2014.

This is old school San Francisco at its finest. There have been plenty of celebrity personalities associated with this amazing city over the years - actors, musicians, athletes, writers and more, but these ladies stepped it up when stepping out and became truly iconic.

This colorway works well for Assigned Pooling patterns!

This listing is for a ready to ship item. If you would like this colorway on a different base or a custom sweater quantity, please see my Dye to Order listings or message me to select your favorite base and colorway combo and I'll happily dye it for you.

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