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Welcome to Seismic Yarn & Dyeworks, an independent dye studio located just outside of San Francisco, CA

What an honor to be asked to create a colorway for the Northern California Knitting Retreat!

This colorway (name TBD - suggestions welcome) combines a few colors that stayed with me when looking an photos from previous retreats - the soft yet intense blue sky, the deep green grass, the vibrant flowers, and a light smattering of wildlife sharing the blissful space.

This listing is for a preorder and for retreat attendees only. The estimated shipping cost is included in the per skein price and will be distributed at the retreat.  It will not be shipped to the address you provide. This preorder will close March 25.

I’m offering an option to add on a mystery coordinating mini set. They will be tonals that pull from the original skein.

**Sorry but I can’t turn off the shipping charge! I’ll go in and refund it manually when the yarn is ready to ship! **

While the bases listed below represent some of my most popular options, it is available on most of my bases.  If there is a base you'd like me to add, please email me!

For a complete list of our bases, please click here.

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