Woodstock & Snoopy
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Woodstock & Snoopy

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Welcome to Seismic Yarn & Dyeworks, an independent dye studio located just outside of San Francisco, CA

Woodstock & Snoopy - two of the best friends of all time. My grandmother used to read me the comics when I was a kid and my favorites were the ones where they were cuddled up and just enjoying each other’s company. I also may have read Charlie Brown’s Super Book of Questions and Answers over and over and over (and over and over...)

Want to hear something funny? My grandmother was an immigrant and not a native English speaker (neither of my grandmothers were, but today we are talking about my Chinese grandmother). She played a huge role in raising me so some words I learned to pronounce from her. For quite a while, I thought the little yellow guy was “Woodenstock.” I got that straightened out eventually, but when talking to my grandma, I had to call him Woodenstock or she had no idea who or what I was talking about. I still call him Woodenstock in my head and hear my grandmother’s voice when I do.

Grandma passed away over 20 years ago but that feisty little woman left a strong imprint on me and my life. I can’t wait until my kids are a bit older so I can tell them some of the more outrageous stories about their great-grandmother (trust me, they are waaay too young to hear about some of her antics). Fortunately, they are just at the right age to hear about Wood(en)stock & Snoopy.

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